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Disclosure Statements

According to the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997, the Seller of a lot in a community titles scheme must provide to a proposed buyer of that lot a Disclosure Statement which must contain accurate information relating to the body corporate.

The information contained in a Disclosure Statement as required by Section 206 of the BCCM Act includes (but is not limited to) the annual contributions required from an owner, the level of insurance cover on the complex, any improvements for which the owner is responsible, Body Corporate Assets and other information prescribed under the regulation module applying to the Scheme.

Along with the Disclosure Statement our firm can also include information pertaining to Section 223 of the BCCM Act. This will detail any implied warranties regarding latent or patent defects in the common property or body corporate assets and actual, contingent or expected liabilities of the body corporate that are not part of the body corporate’s normal operating expenses.  A Seller has an obligation under the BCCM Act 1997 and the Contract for Sale to provide warranties about the Body Corporate and Scheme Land. Our firm conducts a thorough inspection of Body Corporate Records in order to provide either a Basic Disclosure Statement which only details information required by Section 206 OR a Full Disclosure Statement (recommended) which includes information pertaining to Section 223 and which will complete the Statutory Warranties and Contractual Rights section of the Contract as well.

Strata Searches

Inside Out Legal Services specialises in conducting Body Corporate Records Inspection Reports. We produce comprehensive, user-friendly reports that deliver insight into the current health of the Body Corporate you are considering becoming a part of. When you are contemplating the purchase of a strata titled property you need quality information regarding the affairs of the body corporate from a reliable, experienced and trustworthy source.

The complete range and depth of information we are able to report on includes but is not limited to the following:
– Name of Building, CTS Number, Plan Number and Lot Number
– Regulation Module the Body Corporate is registered under
– Registered Body Corporate Address
– Address of Scheme
– Roll Particulars for the particular lot
– Community Management Statement (CMS) governing the scheme and any proposed CMS
– By-laws and details of any Exclusive Use or Special Privilege By-laws
– Verify whether or not exclusive use property allocations and entitlement have been recorded
in the Community Management Statement
– Provision of car parking facilities
– Easements and Leases (registered and unregistered)
– Orders of an Adjudicator / Applications / Current Disputes
– Current Legal Proceedings
– Certificate of Classification / Fire Safety Certificate / other relevant Certificates
– Bank Account and/or Investment Account details
– Financial Statements and current position
– Reports such as Building or Engineers Reports, Sinking Fund Forecast Reports, Termite Inspection Reports, Insurance Valuation Reports etc.

In addition to the above, our experienced search agents peruse Minutes of General Meetings for at least the last 5 years and Minutes of Committee Meetings for at least the last 2 years in order to provide the buyer with with a good understanding of current and past issues.

PLEASE NOTE: We are only able to provide a report that has been prepared from information obtained from an inspection of files and records supplied or to which access was allowed by the representative of the body corporate.

Settlement Agents

Inside Out Legal Services act as agents for individuals, firms and lenders for settlement purposes on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. Our settlement agents are very experienced and have regular ongoing training sessions to ensure any changes to relevant legislation are observed. We believe our service is of the highest quality, thorough, professional and efficient, keeping our clients informed at all crucial stages of the settlement process. Our aim is to ensure our clients have a seamless experience so that they can provide their clients with stress-free finalisation of their conveyancing matter.

The settlement service includes collecting cheques from banks, attending settlements, banking of cheques, liaising with file owner and posting documents. Inside Out Legal Services also provide pre and post settlement services such as stamping and lodgement of documents if required.

Our online booking form makes it easy for you to log in and book your settlement and also ensures that we have all the information we require to prepare for settlement.

Lodging Agents & Court Filing

Do you need documents lodged at the Department of Natural Resources or filed at either the Noosa Court House or the Maroochy Court House? Inside Out Legals provide a lodging and filing service every Tuesday and Thursday. We can collect documents from your office anywhere between Caloundra and Cooroy for lodgement at the titles office or filing at the courthouse. Documents can also be sent to our office directly for lodgement on the nearest following Tuesday or Thursday. Angela is our lodging expert and a point of contact for any queries.

In-House Stamping Agents

We are registered duties self assessors and our staff have many years of experience assessing allowable transactions and are able to carry out immediate stamping of your documents if required.

Returning Officer
An important service we provide to Bodies Corporate is to act as a Returning Officer. The BCCM Act 1997 states that some motions submitted to a Body Corporate general meeting must always be decided by Secret Ballot. The Body Corporate may also decide to have some or all motions voted on by way of Secret Ballot for any number of reasons. A returning officer is an independent party engaged to receive the secret votes, ensure all votes being counted are from eligible voters and of course to count the votes. Although we are based on the Sunshine Coast we are able to act as a Returning Officer for meetings anywhere between Brisbane and Hervey Bay. Our firm has been providing this service to many bodies corporate for around 10 years and our experienced returning officers will ensure that your secret ballot is conducted legally and accurately.